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Digital Divide is the one of the core problem in this area. The information gap and excess to information is one of the main causes to the miserable condition of the people. To ensure community people’s access to information particularly in relation to their livelihoods, health, education, opportunities etc, Srizony Bangladesh initiates a Community Radio, FM-99.2 “Radio Jhenuk”. The Community Radio Station - Radio Jhenuk is situated in Pabahati, under Jhenidah Sadar Upazilla of Jhenidah District. The location is about two kilometers far from Jhenidah district headquarter. Radio Jhenuk creates easy and direct access to the media for disadvantaged, underprivileged and low-income group people of Jhenidah in relation to restoration of human rights and to expedite the agro-based economic issues and other life-centered issues related to poverty.


Establishment date: November 19, 2011

Date of Govt. approval: April - 2010

Goal and objectives:

 Goal statement

To ensure easy access to media and information for community people with a view to their socio-economic empowerment


  Specific Objectives

  • To ensure community people’s access to information particularly in relation to their livelihoods, health, education, opportunities etc.
  • To disseminate timely and latest information on various development issues especially agriculture, health, education and other development issues.
  • To develop people’s awareness about their rights and ensure their active participation in development process
  • To aware the community about the prevailing law in the country
  • To encourage and uphold local culture, progressive traditions through the broadcast programs


Area and population covered: The approximate population covered by the community Radio is 1,500,000. The radio is reached in Jhenidah District along with sadar upazilla of adjacent District Magura. The transmission area of the radio is 17 km.

Education and development programmes:


Education and development programmes

Target audience



Hello, Jhenidah

Local various informative program

Common people

Tarunna Ussach


Young generation

Sonali Fasal



Valo Thake


Common People

Sonali ziban


Common People

Zago nari

Women rights



Social issues

Common People

English Zanun

English Language


Jhenuker Adda

Talk Show with renowned Local Person

Common People

Es-say Guri

Child rights


IT world

Information Technology


Campus Campus

Educational Institute

College and University Students

Bondhu Hate Barowo

Rights of disable people

Common People

Hal Cerona Bondhu

Reducing suicide

Common People





Transmission Time: Daily 12.00 pm to 10.00 pm.

Number of paid staffs: 05

Number of volunteers: 30 (Female: 18, Male: 12)